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Stanozolol (Stanozolol) 100 tablets of 10mg – Oral Steroids from BodyPharm.

Stanozolol manufactured by BodiPharm is a steroid agent based on the same-name active substance, which can be purchased easily and reliably in Belarus, for example, in Minsk, with the help of our store. This preparation has a sufficiently high anabolic activity of 320% of endogenous testosterone, relatively fast, albeit not very long-lasting, action, and most importantly an extensive spectrum of effects, from fat burning to increased strength.

The steroid, which is an active substance of tablets, was originally developed not for use in bodybuilding or some other sport, but for medical purposes. The first known drug based on it appeared as early as the middle of the 20th century, namely 1962, and was intended for the treatment of anemia, hereditary angioneurotic edema and a number of other diseases (presumably there was also veterinary use – used to strengthen the body and restore animals).

What is Stanozolol: description

What properties does this drug have, and what can it be useful to the athlete? For starters, it is noted that this steroid agent has sufficiently high anabolic activity (as already noted, its anabolic activity index is exactly 320% of endogenous testosterone). In turn, androgen action in it is minimal (androgen index – only 30% of testosterone)

It is impossible to say that Stanozolol tablets show their effect quite quickly, but their activity period is not very long – about 8 hours after administration. Therefore, during the course of application they should be drunk every day.

Now to the main one. What effect does the preparation give if it is properly used. Various improvements may be observed in its administration, in particular:

• Qualitative muscle growth;

• Increase in endurance;

• Increase of power indicators;

• Increased relief and stiffness of muscles;

• Burning fat and removing excess liquids.

At the same time anabolic can boast that it has practically no side effects and in general side effects. Of course, there is some risk, for example, it is known that this anabolic has hepatotoxicity, as well as a possibility of reducing testosterone production in long-term use.

However, on the other hand, the steroid stanozolol does not cause estrogenic side effects as such. In fact, it has absolutely no aromatization, which means that there is no risk of gynecomastia and liquid delay. On the contrary, it is able to remove excess water, which contributes to the construction of a more relief and hard muscle. Besides, due to its reception there are practically no androgen sides. Among them, by the way, are such hated by many athletes ailments as acne pimples and baldness.

And something important. Stanozolol 10mg, produced by BodyPharm, in sports it is recommended to accept only men. Women usually do not use it because there is a risk of virization. In more detail, when taking these tablets by sportswomen, deviations such as increased skin fat, abundant facial and body hair, or voice peeling/voice timbre enhancement may occur.

Storage conditions for the drug: first, it is a room storage temperature (considered recommended), second, a dry and dark place. During storage, do not expose the steroid to critical temperatures or sharp differences.

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