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Methandienon (Methandienone) 100 tablets of 10mg – Oral Steroids from BodyPharm.

Metandienone manufactured by BodyPharm the active substance of the preparation is a modification of testosterone, which has 200% anabolic activity against testosterone and moderate androgenic action (androgenic activity index is 50% of endogenous testosterone).

Metandienone is applied mainly in sports practice, such as bodybuilding or weightlifting. In general, it is used by athletes of various disciplines and sports. In terms of the purpose of application, it is in most cases the achievement of rapid recruitment of muscle mass and increase of force indicators.

Methanedienone, its effect and properties

Before describing this drug, it should be said that the first steroid agent in which the active substance was methanedienone (slang – methane) appeared on sale in the USA as early as 1958. This today there is a wide range on the market, and then only one similar drug was released – Dianabol. It was produced presumably for medical use. By the way, until the late 1960s methane was not prohibited at all to use in sports, which couldn t but please then athletes.

If you take the modern Methandienone produced by Body Pharm, first of all it should be noted that it is quite powerful steroid agent. As has already been observed, it has considerable anabolic activity, and the action in these tablets is quite rapid, even though not so long (the period of activity – about 5 hours after administration).

Metandiyenon, how to accept?

In sports this preparation is used mainly for the purpose of increasing force indicators and for rapid recruitment of muscle mass. It is used mainly by male athletes. Women use Metandienone, if carried out, exclusively at minimal doses to avoid undesirable effects and specifically virization.

In turn, men are advised to dose Metandienone in tablets in the area of 30-50 mg per day. It is on a daily basis that the drug should be taken during the course, as it has a short validity period. It is also noted that the average course duration of this drug is about 6-8 full weeks. Although in general everything is individual.

If you ‘re not sure how to take Methandienone, in combinations or better in solo, we ‘ll tell you. In the solo course, this drug is hardly used. It is generally combined with other steroid agents for optimal results. What? There is no clear answer, because the choice of a specific combination depends on the purpose of the athlete, his experience and the financial resources available.

Instructions for applying this won ‘t say, but Metandienone ‘s course from BodiPharm and the drug nandrolone decanoate is an excellent combination to achieve a pronounced set of muscle mass. This bundle is very popular and can suit athletes of various seniority, as provides a pronounced effect. Also popular is the combination with testosterone. It may be enantate ester or cipionate by preference. A really powerful and working combination of drugs for a mass surveillance course.

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