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Manufacturer: BodyPharmSubstance: Boldenone UndecylenatePackage: one vial of 10ml (200mg/ml)

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Boldenon (Boldenone Undecylenate) one vial of 10ml (200mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from BodyPharm.

Boldenon BodyPharm is a boldenone undesilenate, a steroid of anabolic and androgen effects. The drug is most often used in power sports to increase muscle mass and power indicators, but due to the ability to increase oxygen mass of blood, it is also used by representatives of aerobic species (for example, long-distance runners). Anabolic activity – 100% of testosterone (although practice shows that boldenone acts weaker), androgen – 50%, progestagenic – very low, estrogen – low, toxicity to liver – is absent.

Effects of reception

  • Increase in muscle bulk. Steroid does not have a “quick start,” but the weight gained is on muscles of high quality, without excessive accumulation of liquid and the phenomenon of rollback.
  • Gain of power indicators.
  • Blood formation stimulation. The increase in the number of erythrocytes allows to deliver to muscles a larger volume of oxygen, which positively affects endurance of the athlete.
  • Improvement of appetite.

How to accept

Boldenon course lasts about 8-10 weeks, with weekly dosage from 400 to 800 milligrams, injections are performed 1 times a week. The drug can be used solo, but it is good with other AAS as well. As for how to take Boldenon from Bodi Farm in combination, the most preferred options for gaining relief and hard muscle are schemes with Anavar and Winstrol, for muscle mass recruitment – with Trenbolon and testosterone. In mixed courses, the duration of admission is reduced to 6 weeks.

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